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Terrace Cooling Tiles in Chennai - Rocotile

Rocotile, roof cool tiles for terrace are the best alternative to ordinary clay tiles to reduce the effect of heat islands. Rocotile is easy to lay than traditional tiles and it reduces the room temperature by 11 degrees and keep room temperature cool and comfortable. Lay Rocotile, heat-reflective weathering tiles on your terrace for cool days and cooler nights.

“Our home feels a lot cooler now. Thanks to Rocotile.”

- Mr. and Mrs. S.Ramakrishnan

Cooling Tiles in Chennai

“The staff were cordial and the engineers very helpful.
I strongly recommend Rocotile.”

- Mr. Dr.A.Shivam

Cooling Tiles manufacturer in Chennai

“I was worried how long it would take. Rocotile finished laying the tiles in just a day.”

- Mr. and Mrs. P.M.Prakasam

Heat Reflective Tiles in Chennai

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