Stay Cool With Roof Cool Tiles On Your Terrace

It’s that time of the year, again – summer. It enters our lives with beautiful sunshine and cherished holiday memories. Yet, it also worries us and works up our minds with oppressive heat and suppressive sweat. Our own home becomes a living hell. The living room seems as hot as an oven.

It doesn’t need to be that way. Everyone deserves a life of comfort and coolness. All it takes is a small amount of your time and a tile on your terrace!

Get Ready to Welcome Rocotile

Your roof and ceiling space capture and retain the sun's heat. As this continues, extreme heat absorption takes place which makes your home hot and uncomfortable and this stops your home from cooling down overnight and can make it very uncomfortable inside for you, to have a pleasant sleep.

Installing cool roof tiles on your terrace can minimize heat absorption. White cool roof tiles are specifically designed to reflect more sunlight compared to traditional roofing, thus absorbing less solar energy. This has a cooling effect on the building, similar to how wearing light-colored clothing keeps you comfortable on a sunny day.

Cool roofs offer defense against solar heat on scorching summer days. This innovative roofing is designed to reflect the sunlight from a building rather than absorb the heat and allow it to permeate the structure below.

The less heat your roof transmits into your house, the cooler your home will remain. Rocotile's roof cool tiles incorporate 13 natural cooling minerals and reflect 92% of heat, effectively lowering room temperatures by 11 degrees, ensuring comfortable days and cool nights.

Rocotile doesn't necessitate a weathering course layer, resulting in reduced weight and a lighter roof. It is designed to be strain-free, fungus-free which helps in reducing the effort of cleaning and maintaining. Also, it is designed to be anti-skid offers high slip-resistance, keeping children safe from slipping and they can play freely on the terrace.

Rocotile application on the terrace creates strong water resistance without any leakages.

Rocotile ensures a comfortable walking surface, even during scorching summer weather.

Welcome Rocotile, the weather-resistant cool roof tiles for your terrace. Experience a cooler summer and a more comfortable environment

You are now ready to welcome summertime, without the sun. You are all set to welcome Switzerland, without a passport!