Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips

The right time and the right way to lay Rocotile.

Best heat reflective tiles in Chennai - Rocotile

Rocotile offers the best heat reflective tiles to ensure long-lasting customer satisfaction. Our team consist of highly qualified professionals to make sure highest reliability, precision and best service to everyone at every time. Rocotile provides up-to-date technological solutions in roof cool tiles to make their customers stay at home more pleasant.

The right time to lay Rocotile

  • After painting of rooms has been done
  • After the wiring in terrace is done
  • After the plumbing work is done
  • After the civil work in terrace is done

The right way to lay Rocotile

  • 6mm-12mm chips concrete is required to set the level for slope
  • Check if the concrete is cured properly
  • In the ratio of 1:6 screed cement mortar
  • To avoid uneven surface its advisable to keep the hand mixture while laying the tiles over bed mortar
  • 25mm is the maximum thickness the cement mortar can have
  • Avoid using steel hammer while laying
  • Leave the area after laying to get dried for 48hours
  • In between the tiles use 6-8mm spacer
  • The joints should be filled in 1:1 ratio with white cement and marble sand/ quartz or any grounting compound
  • The tile laid area has to be cured for 3 to 4 days by spreading water

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