Lay heat-reflective cool roof tiles on your terrace and make your home cool and comfortable

Coolrooftile – Rocotile is a leading manufacturer of cool white roof tiles in India. We are specialized in the production and marketing of high-quality #cooling tiles for every residential or commercial use.

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Heat islands are city areas where the temperature is several degrees higher. As a result of the heat island effect, significant heat absorption takes place during the day and very little cooling occurs during the night. A reduction of this heating effect will make much more pleasant and residents can sleep better.

An American study concluded that ordinary clay tiles reflect only 35% of the heat and are 20°C warmer, while a white roof reflects around 85% of the heat and is just 5°C warmer than the ambient temperature.

The reason why we have developed special white roof tiles is to make your home cool and comfortable.

Hot facts about cool Rocotile

Rocotile is easy to lay than traditional tiles and it doesn’t require old-fashioned surkhi too! It is made of strong-multi components.

High roof weight weakens the structural materials of the home as it ages. Rocotiles doesn’t require weathering course layer which results in weight reduction, hence less roof weight.

Rocotile is designed to be strain-free, which helps in reducing the effort of cleaning and maintaining. Also, it is made using natural minerals hence fungus-free.

Rocotile is designed to be anti-skid offers high slip-resistance, keeping children safe from slipping and they can play freely on the terrace.

Rocotile is impact resistant and a tiled surface doesn’t require replacing anytime soon. Properly installed, can last a lifetime.

Rocotile is made using the right cooling minerals that reflect the sun rays making a big difference to your comfort. Walking barefoot on them even in hot summer is high possible and comfortable.

Rocotile contains 13 cooling minerals that reflect the sun’s rays thereby reducing the home temperature by 11 degrees.

Rocotile application on the terrace creates strong and continuous flexible waterproofing making it 100% water-resistant with no leakages.


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