No need for a/c. Cooling your home is easy!

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Rocotile - Cooling Tiles
Rocotile - Cooling Tiles
Cooling Tiles - Rocotile

Say No To Summer

It’s that time of the year, again – summer. It waltzes into our life with wonderful sunshine and wondrous holiday memories. Yet, it also worries us and works up our minds with oppressive heat and suppressive sweat. Our own home becomes living hell. And the living room feels like a furnace.

It doesn’t need to be that way. Everyone deserves to have a cool and comfortable life. All you need is a tinge of your time now and a tile on your terrace!

Get Ready to Welcome Rocotile

The heat from the sun is stored in your roof and ceiling space. As this continues to, the extreme heat absorption takes places which makes your home hot and uncomfortable and this stops your home from cooling down overnight and can make it very uncomfortable inside for you, to have a pleasant sleep.

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Rocotile - Cool Tiles

Laying cool roof tiles on terrace helps to reduce the heat absorption. A white cool roof tile is designed to reflect more sunlight than a conventional roof, absorbing less solar energy. This lowers the temperature of the building just as wearing light-colored clothing keeps you cool on a sunny day.

The less heat that’s transmitted into your house from your roof the cooler your home will be. Rocotile, roof cool tiles contains 13 natural cooling minerals and it reflects back 92% of the heat thereby reducing room temperature by 11 degrees to ensure comfortable days and cool nights.

Rocotile application on terrace creates strong water-resistance without any leakages. Rocotile makes it comfortable to walk on even in hot summer.

Cool roofs provide protection from solar heat gain on sizzling summer days. This innovative roofing is designed to reflect the sunlight from a building rather than absorb the heat and allow it to permeate the structure below.

Rocotile doesn’t require weathering course layer which results in weight reduction, hence less roof weight. It is designed to be strain-free, fungus-free which helps in reducing the effort of cleaning and maintaining. Also, it is designed to be anti-skid offering high slip-resistance, keeping children safe from slipping and they can play freely on the terrace.

Welcome Rocotile, weather-resistant cool roof tiles on your terrace now and enjoy cool summer and cooler surroundings.

Rocotile - Cool Tiles
Cooling Tiles - Rocotile


Roof cool tiles manufacturer in Chennai

Rocotile set out itself to be a leading roof cool tiles manufacturer in Chennai. We specialize in manufacturing supreme grade terrace cooling tiles for residential and commercial use. When you choose Rocotile, you are choosing a reliable partner who brings to the table a world-class product that’s manufactured to exacting standard.

Make your homefeel like Switzerland

Rocotile, roof cool tiles reflects back 92% of the heat thereby reducing room temperature to ensure comfortable days and cool nights.

Rocotile is made with advanced technology that incorporates natural and pollution- free materials that have been tested and certified by ISO 9001 2019.

We manufacture them in our own world-class manufacturing facility in Chennai, adhering to stringent standards set by regulatory authorities.

Rocotile is not only easy to lay but faster to lay as well; and many times more effective. There is no need to use old-fashioned and outdated Surkhi!

Rocotile is certified ‘eco-friendly’ by Green Building Initiative. We are also a certified member of Indian Green Building Council ( IGBC ).

Rocotile - Cooling Tiles

No need for a/c. Cooling your home is easy!

Heat-reflective weathering tiles for your terrace.

Rocotile - Cooling Tiles


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